User Cohorts

Learn how to create and use cohorts inside the Houseware product

What are Cohorts

In Houseware, Cohorts are a group of users that share common characteristics. They are super useful to analyze your data only for a particular set of users. It is an ideal combination of user properties and actual event-based behavior on the product.

The users create cohorts by applying appropriate filters (AND, OR, both can be used) on top of user properties and event behavior, or a combination of both.

  1. User properties. For example, city, region, plan type, device type, etc.
  2. Event behavior. For example, users who click on in-app notifications.
Cohort Creation on Houseware

Cohort Creation on Houseware

How are cohorts used

On Houseware, cohorts can primarily be used in two ways:

  1. Filter: Plot trends, funnels, flows, or any other product analytics visualization for a cohort to only analyze data for certain users. Multiple cohorts can be plotted on a trend to draw comparisons and identify which is better or worse.
  2. Breakdown: Cohorts can also be used to break down your visualizations to see a side-by-side comparison of users belonging/not belonging to a Cohort.
Breakdown on Funnels using cohorts

Breakdown on Funnels using cohorts

🌟How to create cohorts on Houseware: Refer to this detailed article πŸ‘‰ here