Houseware vs Mixpanel vs Amplitude

How we compare to the likes of Amplitude, Mixpanel

In today's data-driven world, having insights into user behavior and product performance is crucial. Enter Houseware — Our new analytics tool is ready to take on big names like Mixpanel and Amplitude. This doc dives into a comprehensive, no-nonsense comparison between Houseware and these giants, exploring what sets us apart and how we're leveling the playing field for businesses seeking powerful user insights.

An Overview

You can find below a high-level comparison of the three tools. Head further into the article for a deeper view of features and more.

Star Rating (from users, as of Dec 2023 on G2)4.6 of 5 ⭐️4.6 of 5 ⭐️4.5 of 5 ⭐️
PricingUser-based, Almost 40% lesserEvent Volume-based, Highly expensive as you scaleEvent Volume-based, Highly expensive as you scale
CategoryProduct Analytics, Digital Analytics, Warehouse-nativeProduct Analytics, Digital AnalyticsProduct Analytics, Digital Analytics

Feature Comparison

Here is a breakdown of various features you will find at your disposal when navigating each tool; this table gives you an overview of the capabilities and how they compare.

FeatureHouseware (Enterprise)Mixpanel (Enterprise)Amplitude (Enterprise)
Cross-functional analysis
Self Serve Analytics
Advanced Analytics
User Flows
A/B Testing
Collaboration Tools
First-time filter
Cohort Analysis
Behavioural Analytics
Standard Event Tracking
Custom Event Tracking
User Segmentation
User-Level Analytics
AlertsOn request
User Path Tracking
User Activity History
IntegrationsOn request
Dashboards and Visualisations


Find below the different aspects that come with being easy to use and scale with.

Meets requirementsDifficult to handle as you scale and want more cross-functional analysisDifficult to handle as you scale and want more cross-functional analysis
Ease of use
Ease of setupEasy to get startedEasy to get started
Ease of adminLesser control over dataLesser control over data
Quality of Support
Product Direction (% positive)


The admin role in a software tool is crucial for managing access, settings, and maintaining security protocols essential for efficient and secure system operation. Here is how we compare across this capability.

API / IntegrationsOn request
Performance and ReliabilityLoss of event data in case of downtimeLoss of event data in case of downtime
User, Role, and Access Management
Account Management
Governance Features
High-Level Security


Data Modeling
Data Import/Export
Real-time Analytics
Unlimited Data HistoryGets priceyGets pricey
Customized Training & Support
Priority Support
Control of data lies with you

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