Know more about events page on Houseware

Events are one of the core building blocks of Houseware. An event is a data point representing each unique action the user takes on your product. For example, clicking the 'start workout' button on a fitness app will be recorded as an event.

Once your events data is connected with Houseware, all your events will be auto-populated on your Houseware instance. Let's quickly look into how these events and their corresponding details be viewed in Houseware.

Events Page

Follow the steps given below to access events available on your Houseware instance.

Houseware's Events Page

Houseware's Events Page

Step 1: Go to the Events tab

On your Houseware instance, click on the Events tab on the left-hand navigation panel. As soon as you click on it, you will be directed to Houseware's Event page.

Step 2: Click on the 'View details' button

On the event's page, against each event, there is an option to View details. Click on it to go deeper into the event details and properties.

'View detail' page for each Event

'View detail' page for each Event

All events that are present on this events page can be used to create powerful visualizations like flows, funnels, trends, retention charts, and many more.


Feature Highlights

  1. Event Tags: You can add appropriate event tags next to each event name to make it easier to find and to group events under some common category. For example, home page can be a tag for all events on the home page.
  2. Hide Events: You can hide certain events for data security. Those events will disappear from this list and will also not be available to use in any other visualization.
  3. Custom Events: You can create custom events on Houseware on top of your existing events.

You are now all set 😎 to use your events data to analyze it and use it on Houseware! πŸ’ͺ