Quick Start for Admins

Learn how you can help your team unlock the full potential of Houseware!

As an Admin of Houseware, you hold the key to unlocking the full potential of your team's product analytics journey.

Being the Admin puts you in control, providing the tools and features necessary to streamline and optimize your analytics workflow. From managing user access and permissions to configuring data sources and integrations, the Houseware Admin Page empowers you to tailor the platform to your organization's needs. Let's see how!

🕹️About the Admin Control Center

The Admin page can be found on the left panel and is only accessible to those with Admin rights, as shown in the image below.

Admin page on Houseware

admin page on Houseware

Components of the Admin Page

There are four primary sections of the admin page, as shown in the image below:

  1. Users
  2. Events
  3. Dimensions
  4. Account
the four tabs

The four tabs

Let's understand the details of each section.

Users Tab

Invite new users

Invite new users

The Users section lists all invited users on Houseware. New users can be invited by admin from the Users tab only.

Step 1: Click on + Invite user button

Click on the + Invite user button to send an invitation to the new user.

Step 2: Click on + Send invite

Enter the details of the user who you want to invite and click the Send invite button.

New user invite modal

New user invite modal

The Users tab also allows the admin to switch user roles across users between members and admins.

Select user roles

Select user roles

Events Tab

On the events tab, an admin can add event descriptions and event tags, which are useful to add more context to the events and also make them easy to search.

Add descriptions and tags from the admin centre

Add descriptions and tags from the admin center

Pro-tip:Event tags are super useful to discover events quickly. Hence, always add event tags, make them contextual to the business, so that the end-user is able to understand and identify event easily. These tags are also visible on the events page, and can be used to search faster on the search bar as shown in the image below.

Search events using tags

Search events using tags

Watch below how an admin can add tags and descriptions to their events.

Custom Events

Custom events can also be created from the admin tab. Watch the video below to see how an admin can create custom events on Houseware.

Dimensions Tab

The Dimensions tab displays all dimensions along with its value on the Dimensions page. This page helps in knowing all dimensions and their respective sample values available on Houseware to use when adding filters and breakdowns to the visualizations.

Dimensions and their sample values

Dimensions and their sample values


The account page shows the status of all connections and also shows options to connect to other data sources.

Account tab showing all active connections

The account tab showing all active connections


Coming Soon!

Usage and Audit logs tabs are coming soon.

Onto empowering your team! 🤝