What is Houseware?

Houseware: A new-age product analytics platform

Houseware lets you analyze your product data and get insights for any B2B or B2C SaaS company. It is a no-code, warehouse-native platform helping you to avoid the hassle of data transfers or modeling. It lets anyone in your team use product data to power their daily workflows.

No code- because it gives you access to powerful functionalities like funnel analysis, analyzing user flows, understanding user retention, creating behavior customer cohorts, and much more in just a few clicks on a self-serve interface.

Being warehouse-native, it sits on top of your warehouse or existing data infrastructure where all your data from different applications reside. The best part about its architecture is that it does not require any data to be copied or transferred into its system. All data stays inside the customer's warehouse only! Hence, leveraging all the rich, robust data that resides in the warehouse and letting you maintain it as a single source of truth to power your data needs.

Why we built Houseware?

Using product events data collected on any product should not be as complex, costly, and time-consuming as it is today. To simplify this entire process, we created a composable product analytics platform.

By Composable- we mean that it can blend your product data with data from other functional teams like sales, customer success, marketing, etc., to give more power to PMs, Business Leaders, and many more that drive business outcomes.

It is also super simple to get started and an out-of-the-box solution with minimum time spent integrating it with customers' data and making it go live for their organization.

How Houseware helps product teams?

With Houseware, the product and business team at Quizizz, a B2B e-learning platform, increased adoption by 2.5X, and several other products, design, and even customer success teams have been able to use their product usage data to drive KPIs.

πŸš€ Comprehensive product analytics capabilities inter-operable across data sources

With Houseware, you can slice, dice, and visualize your product data precisely the way you want β€” with absolute ease. It provides powerful product analytics capabilities like - funnel analysis, user flows, retention charts, user behavioral cohorts, and several others that can help you go deep into your data and know more about user behavior.


Key Capabilities:

πŸ’° Economical to scale with democratized access

Most product analytics workflows are Ad-hoc which becomes difficult to scale. Houseware directly connects with your warehouse or data infrastructure, which stores data from all different applications like Salesforce, Gainsight, Hubspot, etc. Therefore, it makes scaling your use cases horizontally or vertically easy.

It is also an economical solution as it uses the most optimized queries using the least compute without compromising speed. It leverages the tuning capabilities of robust warehouses like BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, or any other warehouse used by the customer.

Our users, with more than 1+ billion events monthly, have experienced an 80% reduction in product analytics through Houseware's warehouse-native approach!

πŸ” No data residency challenges

Due to Houseware's warehouse-native architecture, customer data or data transformations to perform product analytics never get copied to our proprietary systems. All data resides within the client's warehouse or customer data platform itself, and houseware queries directly on top of it.


Key Capabilities:

Houseware on Snowflake

Houseware on Snowflake

If you are curious to know more about Houseware, watch Houseware at Snowflake Summit 2023

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