Houseware's Platform API


The Houseware API documentation is designed to empower developers by providing comprehensive and easy-to-use resources for integrating with our platform. Built with a "platform-first" approach, Houseware aims to offer a robust and flexible foundation that can be extended to accommodate a wide range of use cases.

Whether you're building custom analytics tools, integrating with external services, or developing entirely new applications, our API is designed to support your needs with powerful endpoints and clear documentation.


To access the APIs, you must include an API Token with each request. These credentials must be included in the header of the HTTP request. You can contact the Houseware team to get these credentials. They remain the same whenever you use the Houseware API.


  • Endpoints: On the left sidebar, you will find all the available endpoints grouped by categories such as "Funnels", "Trends", and "Events & Properties".
  • Endpoint Details: Clicking on an endpoint will provide detailed information about it, including request parameters, example requests, and response formats.
  • Example Requests: Each endpoint page includes example requests in various programming languages. You can use these examples to quickly understand how to structure your API calls.


The documentation details the structure of the responses you can expect from each endpoint, including HTTP status codes and JSON response bodies.

Try It Out

You can use the "Try It Out" feature to test API requests directly from the documentation interface.

Check out these APIs in action on the docs! If you're running into any trouble, reach out to the Houseware team on Slack or at [email protected]