Welcome to Houseware's Product Changelog

With the new year comes a fresh look for our product changelog, aka What's New with Houseware! :sparkles:

As of January 1st, we're switching and moving our updates from Notion to Readme. :rocket:

Here's the link to our Previous Notion Log; all feature releases until December 31st, 2023, are here. :star:

Moving forward, all the latest and greatest updates will be right here in this feed. :memo::rocket:

Before we begin with January releases, here are the Top 3 Releases from the Last month :star2::

🖌 Create your visualizations directly from the sidebar

Now, you can create visualizations with a single click right from your Houseware home page for blazing-fast analysis.
Use this to get started on Houseware instantly and focus on analysis by building one visualization at a time!

📈 Track Trends at an Hourly Granularity:

Use this to identify peak usage times, prepare better for surge hours, detect anomalies, and more!

📌 Mark Workspaces and Cohorts as Official:

Making it easier to identify official, verified workspaces and cohorts for all users in your org!